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What do those words mean, “a lawyer you can trust?” My clients tell me it’s the feeling they get during my representation when they realize I have only their best interests in mind and no one else’s. When a client leaves his or her first meeting with me, the most common statement I hear is, “Thank you for taking the time to explain everything to me. I feel so much better after having met with you, like I finally understand what’s going on.”

In fact, I have sometimes been accused by colleagues of spending too much time with clients. “Get them in, get them out,” they say. I see it differently. If I were in the client’s shoes, I would want my lawyer to be more than willing to spend as much time with me as I needed to fully understand my case. The lawyer who is willing to do that is the lawyer you can trust.


I Acquired My Trial Skills Early In My Career And I Have Been Honing Them Ever Since

I graduated from Wake Forest University School of Law in 1995 and was admitted to the Virginia State Bar the same year. After my admission to the bar, I spent five years as a Public Defender in the City of Richmond. As a Public Defender, my job was to represent people who were facing criminal and/or traffic charges, but who could not afford to hire a lawyer. Those five years gave me the kind of trial experience most trial lawyers only dream of. I was in court, trying cases, practically every day for five years. Those cases ranged from relatively minor cases to cases literally involving life and death.

When I left the Public Defender’s Office in 2001 and opened the Law Office of Matthew T. Paulk, I brought the trial skills I learned and honed as a Public Defender to the private sector, where I expanded my practice to include family law and personal injury. What I quickly learned was that the skills I had acquired as a Public Defender were perfectly suited to the trial of a family law or personal injury matter.

My Approach: Practical And Personal

I strive to be the kind of lawyer I would want if I needed legal representation; one who is friendly and approachable, patient, meticulously prepared and skilled in the courtroom. Learn more about me by reading my profile:

Then, call me at 804-554-3918 to arrange a consultation at my Richmond, Virginia, law office. You can also reach me online.

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