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To some extent, all divorces are complex. The reason is that, even in a “simple” divorce, the legal and practical consequences of the divorce can have far reaching effects. Most divorces involve issues like: What marital assets will a party take away from the divorce; what marital debts will a party be held responsible for after the divorce; how will marital retirement and investment assets be divided; will one party be entitled to financial support from the other party after the divorce; and, if there are minor children involved, who will have custody of those minor children and how much financial support will the children receive. As one can see, the answers to these questions will likely affect the parties for years to come.

When hiring an attorney to represent you in your divorce, you need a lawyer who is experienced; one that is willing to try the case, if the client’s interests are best served by doing so, or negotiate, if doing so will result in a fair result for the client. In my 25 years of trial experience, I have tried and negotiated thousands of cases. Let me put that experience to work for you.


Perhaps the most common question I get when first meeting with a client is, “I want to get a divorce. What do I do now?” What that client needs to know is there are certain steps that can be taken before the client even separates from his or her spouse that will streamline the divorce and allow the person to get ahead of some of the problems inherent in most divorces. With my experience, and willingness to spend the time with a client necessary for the client to understand the process and his or her options, we will be in a position to handle the most complex divorce and the most “simple.” We will be in a position to address such issues as:

  • Division of marital assets, such as residences and vacation or rental homes
  • Division of retirement accounts using Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)
  • Valuation and division of business interests, including closely held corporations
  • Division of marital debts between the parties
  • Financial support of a spouse after divorce, referred to as spousal support
  • Child custody matters, including relocation with the child or children
  • Child support and the impact of the Virginia Child Support Guidelines
  • Prenuptials (Prenups) and postnuptial (settlement) agreements

At The End of the Day, I Want My Client to Find Happiness Again

Many divorces are mentally and emotionally draining. Some divorces generate feelings of anger; others feelings of betrayal. But, I routinely tell my clients who may be experiencing those emotions, while these may feel like dark days, there is a light at the end of this process. You will get through this. My greatest hope in any divorce case is that, relying on my experience and guidance, my clients find the financial security and emotional stability to enable them to find happiness again. If both parties can come away happy, that is great. But if only one can, I want it to be my client.

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